New Louis Black Armchair

Many people have modern homes nowadays and they complement their houses with modern furniture that will match the general design. But some other people prefer a more traditional furniture design as it sometimes feels closer to luxury and offers a whole new different approach. This New Louis Black Armchair looks incredibly well and when you see it you instantly think of royal homes and comfort, style and elegance. These features are emphasized even more by the name of the manufacturer, as this special looking armchair is produced by Modani. This company has long been known for offering high quality furniture and has an impeccable design.

New Louis Black Armchair2

This armchair is perfect for a stylish dining room, but also for a cozy living room. It has a black wooden frame and then it is cushioned with black velvet. This material is very soft to touch and looks elegant. The four legs are slender and carefully carved, with a graceful pattern and the arm rests offer a comfortable place for your arms because they, too are upholstered. The back rest is round and comfy and offers the perfect place for your back even during long meetings when you have to sit down longer than usual. The armchair is stylish and refined and shows great taste in furniture. You can purchase it now for $349.