The New Framehouse Office Makes Concrete And Metal Look Stylish

Guided by the idea that “simplicity is beauty” that defines them as well as their clients, the Plusminusarchitects team renovated a two-story building with the purpose of making it suitable to become an office. The building is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and the interior space measures a total of 145 square meters.

Framehouse office concrete deskView in gallery
The office occupies an old building which has been renovated specifically to its character
Framehouse office cocrete reception deskView in gallery
It occupies two floors that total 145 square meters of floor space

It was transformed into an office for Framehouse, a postproduction studio. The architects established their firm back in 2004 and although they’re a small team they create interesting and inspiring projects. They specialize in architecture, interior design and urban planning and this makes the team flexible. Their projects are usually defined by simplicity and creativity.

Framehouse office reception deskView in gallery
The ground floor is not as spacious as the upper
Framehouse office reception floorView in gallery
Situated on street level, the ground floor contains the reception area
Framehouse office reception logoView in gallery
The reception features the company’s logo on the wall and a concrete desk

The renovation of the building was completed in 2016. The office occupies two floors, with the lower floor being situated at floor level. It’s quite small compared to the upper level. Down here, the reception area can be found. A company’s logo is displayed on the wall behind it. The reception desk is sculptural and simple, being made of concrete.

Framehouse office two floorView in gallery
A sculptural staircase offers access to the upper floor of the office
Framehouse office upper levelView in gallery
The staircase links the two floors in a very natural way
Framehouse office staircase structureView in gallery
The staircase establishes continuity between the two floors

A staircase leads to the upper level where the workstations as well as a series of other spaces are situated. But the staircase itself is an interesting attraction for the office. It has a simple and sculptural design and is complemented by an eye-catching metal structure which serves a double purpose. On one hand, it’s a handrail for the staircase. On the other hand, it doubles as a shelving unit for a variety of things.

Framehouse office staircase mesh unitView in gallery
An interesting feature is the graphical metal structure at the center of the staircase
Framehouse office metal shelving unitView in gallery
The metal structure has a double function
Framehouse office mesh shelving unitView in gallery
It serves as handrail for the staircase but also as a shelving unit

The staircase is one of the elements designed to stand out without being too bold or striking. The architects and the clients agreed that the best coruse of action was to create something simple and clean with industrial flair and some edgy charm. In order to obtain this unique combo they selected wood, concrete and metal as the main materials for the renovation.

Framehouse office meeting spaceView in gallery
The upper level is a flexible space with a variety of functions
Framehouse office workstationView in gallery
To the left of the stairs there’s a semi-private open space
Framehouse office deskView in gallery
It could serve as a sort of showroom for clients and anyone interested

These three materials are displayed in a variety of forms. For example, the reception desk is made entirely of concrete and there’s also a smaller concrete and wood desk on the upper level. The staircase module is made of wood and metal and the rest of the desks and decor elements feature the same type of combinations.

Framehouse office coffee areaView in gallery
Up here there’s also a casual lounge space
Framehouse office loungeView in gallery
It sits on a raised platform and it holds a few chairs and side tables
Framehouse office dividerView in gallery
A space divider separates these spaces from the workstations
Framehouse office partition wallView in gallery
The divider is made of wood and glass and has a very simple design

A wood and glass divider separates the workstations from the more casual areas such as the showroom area for clients or the small lounge space that stands on a platform. On the other side of the divider there’s a small meeting space which is occasionally used as a coffee station. It even has a custom storage wall unit.

Framehouse office partition wall with glassView in gallery
Its geometry is in tone with the rest of the office decor
Framehouse office plywood wallsView in gallery
A lot of plywood was used for this project together with concrete and metal
Framehouse office showroomView in gallery
A multifunctional plywood unit offers storage and display space
Framehouse office wood cabinetView in gallery
One section serves as a sort of bar for coffee and other things

There’s a really nice balance throughout the office which is established between all the materials used in the renovation as well as between all the different functions which are combined and mixed and matched.

Framehouse office meeting area tableView in gallery
A round table continues the trend of multifunctional designs
Framehouse office meeting areaView in gallery
The table can be used for meetings but also during coffee breaks
Framehouse office bar areaView in gallery
It makes a really nice pair with the plywood storage unit