New de la espada collection

De la espada furniture maker has recently released a preview of their new collection which will be launched during the upcoming London design week.The new pieces include work by Autoban, leif.designpark, Studioilse and Mathew Hilton among others. De la espada will show the works at a foundation in Shoreditch during the festival in September. The furniture pieces that are included in the collection to be showed there are all very simple in deisgn and yet very nice looking.

Nest lounge chair by autobanView in gallery

Take the armchair presented above: it is simple and comfortable, looking like a small nest that keeps you there safe and sound in a comfy shell made of wood. The wooden framework is covered with thick fabric and it is after that completed with two cushions: one for the seating and one more narrow but longer for the back rest. It surround the chair on the inside and protects the back ensuring a longer and safer stay there.

Nest lounge chair by autoban

The chair does not have any legs, but not arm rest either so it actually is a combination of the two.  This was only an exqample, but you can find out more by following the link.