Nesting Bowls from Heath Ceramics

A normal cook needs a lot of things in the kitchen when preparing a meal and these often include bowls. We use them for placing the different ingredients, for making salads, for making the doe and for storing the nuts, olives or other small things you need in one place. And , of course, you need these bowls to have different sizes, depending on the use. So I think this set of nesting bowls from Heath Ceramics is perfect. First of all the design is great and you can admire the nice yellow colour and the perfectly round edges of the bowls that also have a wide band of brown on the outside.

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Then the material used for making them – the ceramics has a lot of other advantages, as they are warm and sturdy, nice to touch and can be used safely in the microwave oven. But no matter what you use them for, these bowls are great looking and very useful, too and if you decide to purchase the whole set you can do this now for $85, directly from the producer’s web site.