How to Use Neon in Décor

Neon colors are all the rage in fashion and décor but it’s not always easy to know how to use them correctly. Can neon become classic, not just a fad? Here is how to ensure this in your home.

Take One!

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Small Burst of Neon are Effective

Use just one item in a room that is in a neon color to immediately create appeal. This item should be something you love to look at and to which you want to bring attention. All eyes will swim to it upon seeing it and this is a great way to bring a bit of vibrancy to neutral background colors – without having to invest in purchasing expensive décor items.

Choose a Classic Piece.

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Make Neon Timeless

Neon yellow wallpaper might not be something you will enjoy for longer than a season or two. In fact, you might become bored with it. On the other hand, a neon lampshade or wall skirting could become timeless. Integrate it into your home décor by teaming it up with other patterns or colors to achieve accord in your living space.

Challenge the Décor Norm.

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Go Bright with a Traditional Item

Bring something interesting to your décor by choosing a neon item that is typically found a neutral color, such as a chandelier. This is a modern take on a traditional piece of décor, making it refreshing for the eye.

An Accent Wall is an Easy Solution.

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Splash out with an Accent Wall

An easy way to soothe your inner neon passion is to paint one accent wall in a room. The beauty of this is that it is effective without being overwhelming. Added to this, you can always paint over it if you ever grow out of your neon phase.

Neon Lights.

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Lighting Creates Neon Nirvana

Forget furniture and paint for a second – what about neon lighting? This is a fantastic way to make your room trendy and futuristic. Position neon lighting over important pieces of furniture that you want to accentuate.

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A Blue-Lit Ceiling Invigorates the Space

Another idea is to use LED backlighting. This creates dimension in the living space by highlighting the ceiling and it also makes the room appear larger.

Go Color Intensive.

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Stunning Color Saturation

If you like bright décor, go ahead and mix ‘n match more than one shade of bright neon. So, combine blue, pink and yellow, for instance. This creates a bright and cheerful living space. Just make sure you keep the background color of the room a neutral shade so that focus is on the rainbow of neon.

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