Nelson Sunflower Clock

It is amazing what you can do with a simple clock mechanism and a lot of imagination. With just these two ingredients you can obtain a lot of wonderful products, especially if your name is George Nelson and you still are one of the greatest names in modern design. He was at the peak of his career back in the 1950s and 60s, but his works are admired and treasured more than ever. This is the Nelson Sunflower Clock, a very simple, yet very beautiful and graceful objects you can admire in someone’s home. It is, indeed, pretty similar in shape and appearance to a sunflower and it was created in 1958 by George Nelson.

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This clock is still manufactured by Vitra in Poland and I think it is very modern. You can take it and make it your best home accessory and you will see it fits any home, bringing a bit of great design in it. The clock is made of plywood, each “petal” being made of two bent narrow stripes of plywood. The sunflower clock has a black clock mechanism in the center and, even if there are no numbers on it, you can still tell the time thanks to the small and discreet little white dots that are placed at the joining spots. The item can be purchased now for $1,185.