Nelson Bubble Lamp Wall Sconce – Saucer

If you have any connection whatsoever to home design or you have he smallest interest in ti, then you must have heard of George Nelson, the famous designer who created back in the 1960s and 70s. He worked for Howard Miller for a very long time and created the most unusual and loved items. He is still considered a visionary and, even if most of his works have not been manufactured since the beginning of the last century, they still are much liked and requested. That is why a company called Modernica thought of giving it a try and start manufacturing similar items nowadays, according to the designer’s original specifications.

The Nelson Bubble Lamp Wall Sconce – Saucer is the perfect example of how you can combine a great and visionary shape to the pragmatic use of the item as very useful floor lamp. This bubble lamp looks like an UFO or a flying saucer and this gave it its name. The shade from this lamp has a steel frame with polymer covering  and the lamp comes together with a thick walnut wall mount, a brushed nickel arm that allows the lamp to be fixed on the wall and at the same time to hang from the support, looking great and offering the necessary light. The lamp is now offered for $345.