Navy Gobi Shower Curtain

I do not like very sophisticated things, but I prefer the simple things that are easy and nice and make our lives more beautiful. For example I like wild flowers rather than any fancy bouquet of roses and I enjoy the minimalist style in any house or garden. That is why I think this nice Navy Gobi Shower Curtain is perfect for my taste and for my home. This shower curtain is white and simple, with a very small but nice looking design , coloured in navy.

SHC1 01 CAT 1

Actually the pattern that is placed at the bottom of the shower curtain is an embroidered Buddhist motif that looks great. It simply enriches the beauty and simplicity of the curtain and makes it perfect for any modern or old-fashioned bathrooms. This shower curtain is entirely made of cotton canvas and is made in Portugal.  Of course the navy model looks great on any item that is connected to water, so to bathrooms, too. It brings a certain sophistication to the bathroom and changes its design entirely.This curtain is perfectly safe to wash in the washing machine because the navy colour will not spread all over, so problems about it. Besides, it is affordable enough for anybody, since it costs only $78 from Serena and Lilly.