Nautical Style Porthole Mirror

Portholes are those little round windows that are made on the ships in order to allow you to see the day of light and also to look out to see the sky and the sea. Each cabin on the deck of a passenger ship has a porthole and they are a common sight when you are on water. But it is rather unusual to see such a porthole in somebody’s home, far away from the sea and in the middle of a city. Well, it’s called vision and design. And that is that designers have always had. So this Nautical Style Porthole Mirror is actually a mirror that only looks like a porthole.

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This mirror is nice and funny and adds a nautical look to any room and place. Its frame is made of metal, with a bit of a rusty finish that only gives it a rustic appearance. The mirror is convex and spreads light all around it, but also reflects the face of whoever might be interested. One last detail that makes this object so nice and appropriate as home accessory is the fact that it is used together with a hemp rope that will hang it on the wall. The product is available for $79 on Wisteria.