Nautic Teak/ Brass Folding Seat

Normally the hallway is meant to be a transitional area between the outside and the interior of your house. You use it to take your coat off and hand it in the hanger and store the shoes on a shelf or something similar. There might also be an umbrella storage box and something for the hats. But except the coat rack you do not have any other furniture here, especially if the hallway is pretty small. But sometimes you may find it difficult to tie your shoe laces or to put your shoes on standing, so you need a small ottoman to sit on. Well, it can be a bit annoying to bring one in the hallway every time you need it, so you’d better find a more inventive and comfortable solution.

Hallwayacc7It is the Nautic Teak/ Brass Folding Seat. It is borrowed from the ships that travel the seas and it is a space saver. You can fold it and it will stay close to the wall, unnoticed until you need it. And when you do, you simple unfold it and use it. The folding chair is made of teak and has brass hinges on the wall. You can order it online for $354.