Nature Wooden furniture

It’s always interesting when we see little pieces of nature incorporated in the artificially created furniture pieces. Some designers are trying to imitate some of nature’s elements creating something like a bookcase shaped like a tree or a coffee table that looks just like e stone. But others go a little further and take that sensation of authenticity to another level.

solid wood dining tables hudson furniture inc

To make it so natural and raw Hudson Furniture Inc has come up with some splendid furniture that features unprocessed  planks of high quality wood from selected trees to give it a natural look. Some furniture products from this collection include Rosa Dining Table, Carlo Walnut Bed, etc. The founder of Hudson Furniture Inc, Barlas Baylar said he is utilizing those pieces of wood for this art instead of leaving it to decay.

solid wood beds

It’s a very beautiful collection, it has an authentic look and it’s something different. It would be a great element to have in a home that is entirely decorated in this theme. There are plenty of furniture pieces that share the same theme so it shouldn’t be hard for someone to create his or her own piece of nature inside their home. Of course, not all the pieces are executed so carefully like these ones, but you’ll just have to search carefully enough and you’ll eventually find something similar.