Nature meets artifice at the Olive Exclusive boutique hotel

The Olive Exclusive is a small boutique hotel with a very chic and stylish design. You can find it in Windhoek, Namibia. What’s most striking about it is the interior. But in fact both the interior and the exterior have something in common. They are both trying to bring this place closer to nature and to make the hotel seamlessly integrate into the landscape and the beautiful surroundings.

The Olive Residence1

You can see that the hotel is very well camouflaged. It doesn’t stand out with color and it mimics the surroundings. Instead of opting for a striking and opulent design that can be seen from miles away, the designers chose instead to impress in a different way. They offered the guests the opportunity to reunite with nature so they used a subtle and simple design. The interior of the hotel features mostly earthy tones and the design and décor are very beautifully balanced.

The Olive Residence

The Olive Residence2

The Olive Residence3

The Olive Residence4

The Olive Residence5

The Olive Residence6

There are lots of elements brought from nature inside the hotel. You can see tree stumps, rocks and even trees integrated into the interior décor. It’s very beautiful how all these elements became part of the design without making it feel less luxurious and without taking away its chic modern look in order to replace it with a rustic one.

The Olive Residence7

The Olive Residence8

The Olive Residence9

The Olive Residence10

This boutique hotel is a wonderful destination for a tranquil and relaxing vacation. It has a contemporary design but it’s also very warm, inviting and cozy. The modern lines are complemented by organic textures and natural furnishings.

The Olive Residence11

The Olive Residence12

The designer used an eco-friendly approach for the whole project. This makes the hotel simple but also elegant, luxurious and very chic. The guests can enjoy suits that each has a unique décor. They have been individually decorated to reflect a different region of Namibia, a very interesting concept that suits the hotel wonderfully.