Naturalist Garland Light by Tord Boontje

Garlands represent ornaments that help us to decorate all sorts of things: rooms, candles, doors, terraces etc. They usually are made of flowers or imitate the shape of flowers. We use them for different events: weddings, baptisms, a welcoming arrival, an exotic party.

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Garlands help us to decorate a place and change it into a wonderful natural environment. The flowers that we use may symbolize various things: fragility, innocence, beauty, warm, romanticism. They are chosen in order to fit the surroundings, the people’s personality and the specific event. They create a nice atmosphere and enjoy our sight.

This Garland Light is a wonderful lamp designed by Tord Boontje. It is a very nice combination of technology and naturalism, of light and the shape of flowers that are joined in a beautiful garland lamp. It offers your home a wonderful glow and creates a beautiful and warm atmosphere.

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