Natural Wooden Bathtub from a Legna

There is a real trend nowadays for us to try to use only natural things and be surrounded by them. We try to avoid synthetics as much as possible because their production is one of the causes of pollution, so it looks like a good idea to return to the natural materials that are all over the place. So, even if it may seem a bit old-fashioned, some guys from the Italian manufacturer a Legna chose wood as their favourite material for bathtubs.

Alegna bathromm 01

They take a large piece of wood like a cube and carve and polish it until they get the desired shape. Then they apply a certain treatment that makes the wood very resistant and makes it look so fine, almost spectacular. Because it can be carved on the spot it is also recommended for yachts. You simply take the rough material there and carve it on board. It is natural and beautiful. And if you use the same kind of wood for the vanity and sink the effect will be wow.