Natural Trippy Stairs Design from Atmos Studio

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for all our activities. It did not count the domain whether it is about art, industry, commerce or home design. For those who love nature, home decorating is a way of using natural elements so that they can bring nature inside their home and get more freshness and peacefulness.

Trippy stairs 1 all

This Trippy Stairs Design, created by Atmos Studio is perfect for those who would like to be closer to nature and create a natural ambient based on natural colors and materials.

These stairs resemble the branches of a tree and have a natural brown color and are made of wood combined with a white background which underlines their naturalness. Their curved lines seem to take you somewhere up to the sky to the unknown.

As you can notice the colors used for this design complete the natural décor used for the rest of the house and it is created a real nice symmetry. The natural brown colored parquet continues with the same color used for the stairs and the white colored walls go with the white support side of the stairs.Each time you will go upstairs you will be charmed by this wonderful design.