10 All Natural Solutions for Spring Cleaning

It’s almost unbelievable how much dust and dirt and grime builds up over the winter months. But then that’s what happens when you’d rather stay snuggled on the couch watching Netflix all weekend… er, winter. Now that spring has arrived though, it’s time to throw open the windows and get the house sparkling clean again. Before you run to the store to buy your cleaning supplies, check out these 10 all natural cleaning solutions as an alternative to your Clorox. They’re easy to make and friendly for you and your home.

1. All Purpose Cleaner

diy antibacterial

Your kitchen counters will stay clean and smelling like grapefruit after this handy solution. Vinegar is a natural substance that can be used to clean pretty much anything so it makes sense that it is the main part of this spray. Adding a bit of tea tree oil gives the solution an antibacterial boost and the grapefruit just plain makes it smell clean which is always a plus. (via Hello Natural)

2. Carpet Cleaner

diy carpet cleaner

Believe me, baking soda is going to be your best friend by the end of this post. First stop, this natural dry carpet cleaner. It’s made from ingredients that are probably in your pantry already. Just shake ’em up, sprinkle on your carpet and vacuum after a few hours. Voila! Fresh smelling carpet in a snap. (via Popsugar)

3. Wood Floor Cleaner

diy wood floor cleaner

Wood floors in your home? No problem. For this solution, vinegar and Castile soap combine to make a floor cleaner that you’ll fall hard for. Figuratively. It takes up the dust and dirt without leaving any unwanted streaks or smears in it’s wake. Yes, you can still use your Swiffer. Just replace your mopping solution with this all natural stuff. (via Popsugar)

4. Natural Bleach

diy bleach

Did you know that you can make your own bleach? A mix of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice creates a natural bleach alternative that is not only green, but it’s better for your home. Feel free to use it in your bathroom or laundry or whatever else you use bleach for. (via Hello Natural)

5. Garbage Disposal Refreshers

diy disposal refreshers

If you have a garbage disposal, you know what I’m talking about. You start getting this nasty smell coming up from your sink. Thankfully, that’s an easy fix! Freeze some citrus peel in vinegar and then pop one down the sink and run the disposal. Not only will the peel banish the funky smell, the ice will help sharpen your disposal blades. Win win. (via Hello Natural)

6. Dusting Spray

diy dusting spray

Hello again, vinegar. Goodbye Pinesol. Even your dusting solution can be green with this vinegar and Castile soap spray. Shake and dust like you would with any store bought solution and your furniture will reap the benefits. (via Popsugar)

7. Mold and Mildew Spray

mold and mildew spray

Before you go spraying bleach all over those black spots in your shower, you need to know that bleach doesn’t completely kill the offending mold. It only comes back and worse than before. Save yourself the scrubbing and back pain with this solution of vinegar and essential oils. It gets down and dirty with your shower gunk, leaving you with a fresh clean space to bathe. (via Hello Natural)

8. Monitor Cleaner

moniter cleaner

While you’re laptop may look clean, just think about all the things you touch before using it. Or don’t think about it. Time to get that dusty coffee spotted screen glowing like new again. Shake up equal parts of vinegar and distilled water for a simple cleaner that you won’t hesitate to use on your monitor. (via Popsugar)

9. Fridge Deodorizer

diy fridge deodorizer

Tired of that funky smell every time you open your fridge? Fight back with a bit of baking soda. Just put some in a jar on the back of the shelf behind the leftover lasagna and smell-be-gone like magic. For a little flair, add some essential oil like lemon or lavender. You’ll be finding reasons to open the fridge after this. (via Hello Natural)

10. Child Friendly All Purpose Cleaner

child-safe all purpose cleaner

If you’ve got kids or even just pets, you’re probably wary about your cleaning solutions. You’ll be happy to know that diluted tea tree oil is a safe all purpose cleaner that can be used on counters, floors, toys and tables without sacrificing any antibacterial benefits. So spray away! (via Popsugar)