Natural Shell Cocktail Picks

Cocktails are considered to be kings of beverages, but I would rather call them the peacocks of beverages because they are very beautiful and it’s all about looks. They are supposed to draw attention and make you say Wow, but they are only tasty if you are a master of cocktail and are able to mix only those drinks that go together or else you will experience a strange taste and strong headaches the morning after. Anyway, bar tenders use a lot of tricks when trying to make cocktails look so nice and cocktail picks are their first choice. You, too, can throw a hell of a party at your house and amaze everyone with these awesome drinks by using the Natural Shell Cocktail Picks.


First of all you notice they are real shells that are fixed to a long sharp and pointy pick and are created specially for the purpose of embellishing a cocktail glass, of making it as far from ordinary as possible. These nassa shells are really beautiful and you can re-use them. You can use them for cocktails, but also for serving fresh bits of fruit or maybe snacks. They are perfect for a beach party or a sea themed party, but , as summer approaches, you can use them for any kind of party, as they will look great. They come in packs of 100 picks that rest on a giant shell and you can have this pack for $9.95.