Napshell: an unusual and modern bed

You might not think much about this furniture piece just by looking at it. It doesn’t look very practical or functional. But wait till you hear about the impressive features that it incorporates. The LED lights, Mp3 player and soundproof walls are all included in the design and can be activated just by pressing a button. The relaxation is guaranteed. Moreover, the extremely comfortable mattress takes good care of your back and spine.

Napshell bed 2

This technological innovation was first presented at the International Furniture Fair IMM COLOGNE 2008. Since then it probably made a lot of people happy. It’s a very interesting and extremely useful furniture piece that can be integrated in a variety of locations like lobbies, corridors, homes and even offices. Just be careful not to fall asleep during work hours because I’m not sure that your boss would understand exactly how comfortable and addicting this furniture piece really is.

For those who are having trouble sleeping this item would be very useful. The same goes for those who are very busy and only have time to take a short nap before going back to work.