Napa Wall Vase

I love flowers and I think all people do, too. They are nice and delicate and they bring a special perfume and look to your home. That is why I like having vases filled with flowers in my home in all seasons, even if I know they will eventually wither and dry. Any way, I normally place the flower vases on the table, just like any other sensitive person, except for the moments when my son plays football indoors and I have to remove all breakable things in sight. But today I have found something really interesting: there is a vase that can be placed on the wall, in a secure place where footballs can rarely go. I love it! It’s the Napa Wall Vase and it looks great.

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The vase is made of borosilicate glass and is totally transparent, which is perfect since it will be hanging from the wall. This way your attention will be focused on the flower only and not on a colourful and strange shaped vase. It is supported by a zinc holder and hangs from a nail. The vase is handmade and it would be better to wash it by hand in order to avoid breaking it. You can choose small flowers with a colourful shade or even tall grasses for display in this unusual vase and this will add a plus of elegance to the design of your living room. You can purchase the item now for $28.50.