NanaWall Modern Folding Doors

Adding bifold doors to your home can not only completely transform your living space, but it can add value to the house and also offer views of the surrounding scenery, whether your home sits on a mountain, in a valley or high up in an urban building. These contemporary exterior folding doors from NanaWall are incredible awesome featuring collapsible pleated screen panels sliding on a single 1/4-inch-high by 3/4-inch-wide floor track, which fold open enough. When is closed, these modern folding doors lets you see the views from every angle.

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Doors are one of the most common features in the house, just like windows. And while some people only care to have a doors that stays locked and that keeps them safe inside the house, others are a little more pretentious and they demand a little more from their doors. Nowadays it’s not sufficient to have a safe door, it also has to look good and to be beautiful. And for those of you who would like something different, maybe you should try these interesting folding doors.

They allow you to have more opened space which could be also useful when you’re moving stuff from inside to outside the house or vice versa. And not only that, but these folding doors will totally change the design of your home. It will look more modern and more welcoming.

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Posted in Design And Concept on August 31, 2010

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