Mysterious Nosigner’s Lunar LED Lamp

Most of we have walked with our boyfriend or girlfriend under the moonlight, hand in hand or just sitting and admiring its beauty.This celestial body was the source of inspiration for many poets, especially for those who dominated the period of Romanticism.

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In our dreams, the moon gets many significations and interpretations. For example, if you dream about a moon on a light blue sky it means that you will get lucky. For the contrary, if the moon is covered by clouds it is a sign of unhappiness.

Full of mysteries, it is said that the nights with full moon determine people to behave more strange: they become more irritated, ready to start a scandal. The full moon was also the basic element for the creation of the movies with werewolves and a good example is the well known movie called “Wolf” where the main role was distributed to Jack Nicholson.

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The Japanese designer, Nosigner had this marvelous idea to create a Lunar LED spherical lamp which seems to put its light into your hands. It is said that if you dream that you hold the moon in your palm, as an apple, you will give birth to a beautiful and smart child.

The moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and the idea of conquering the cosmic space preoccupied many science people. The first steps on the moon were made by the American astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on 20th of July 1969 during the Apollo II mission.

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Neil Armstrong’s phrase when he made his first step on the moon became famous all around the world:” It is a small step for a man but a huge step for the humankind.”