Decors That Highlight The Mysterious Nature Of The Color Gray

Gray is a very interesting color. Neither black nor white, this is a color that borrows attributes from both its neighbors and uses them in new and inspiring ways. But before we analyze it in depth, let’s first get address an issue of form. There are currently two different forms associated with this color: gray and grey. Both of them come from old English and they both refer to the same thing: the neutral tone between black and white. So which one is correct, how to spell the color grey? The answer is very simple: both of them. The form “grey” is widely used in the UK while the form “gray” is more popular in American English.

Purple color and grey wall for bedroomView in gallery
You can use gray in the bedroom as long as you add a warm touch to the decor through other methods
Grey and white bedroom colorView in gallery
Yellow is a cheerful color which pairs well with gray, complementing its cold nature
Blue bed and grey wallView in gallery
You can also consider blue as an accent color for a gray decor
Grey kids funiture with pops of redView in gallery
When paired with strong and vibrant colors such as red, gray takes a step back and tries to tone it down
living room wall unit system with grey accentsView in gallery
Earthy and natural colors are a nice match for gray, emphasizing its beautiful neutral nature
Grey sideboard with a modern pattern on doorView in gallery
Combine gray with pastel shades to obtain a feminine and delicate look
Grey wall with modular boxesView in gallery
Not all grays are the same. Some are blue-based and cool and others are yellow-based and warm

Because it doesn’t have a personality of its own, gray pairs well with all other colors. It borrows characteristics from both black and white and is both dramatic and illuminating, allowing the colors it’s paired with to stand out. Most of the time, gray takes a step back and allows other colors to be visible. Sometimes it has a balancing effect on its neighbors. It can either tone down bold and strong colors or it can brighten up some of the more neutral tones. But regardless of what combination of colors you decide to create, keep in mind that too much gray in one place can become depressing, sad and boring.

Brown and grey kitchen mixView in gallery
Gray is a suitable color for the kitchen because of its practical and stain-resistant nature
Grey lacquered kitchen designView in gallery
Industrial decors also make great use of gray, allowing it to express its utilitarian and functional character

Gray is an elegant and formal color which makes it suitable for certain types of spaces such as an office or a dining room. However, It’s best to avoid using it extensively is spaces that are meant to promote creativity. Also, stay away from too much gray when decorating the bedrooms because, although it’s a neutral, it doesn’t have the same soothing and relaxing effect as blue or other colors. Another spaces for which gray is not meant to be a main color are rooms dedicated to children which need to be cheerful and fun.

Natural wood kitchen and grey countertopView in gallery
Charcoal gray is a particularly popular tone in industrial interior decors
Contemporary kitchen with clean lines and grey colorView in gallery
You can tone down the cool nature of the color gray by adding wood to the decor
Grey armchair with ottoman and carpet - wall unitView in gallery
The right choice of materials and textures can also help create a harmonious ambiance
Black and white striped rug with grey sofaView in gallery
Being a transitional color between black and white, gray naturally pairs well with both these colors
Grey l shapped sofa with magenta carpetView in gallery
Make a space look warm and inviting by introducing colors such as red, orange or yellow
Bedroom with grey walls and cream bed - oversized lamp aboveView in gallery
A nice touch of beige or brown can also balance out the ambiance and create a serene decor

Gray suits industrial spaces really well and that’s because these areas are meant to be utilitarian and functional and don’t need to stand out. This is a color that’s dependable and practical and which is often considered conservative. However, that’s not always the case, as certain combinations of tones with gray in their composition can easily defy stereotypes. The quiet and reserved nature of this color makes it a good compromise option when the decor is based on black and white and needs something to blend these two shades together in a harmonious way.