Mysterious La Luna Table by Liane Yaroslavsky

Celestial bodies enjoy our sights every night no matter if it is about stars or moon .A starry sky has always created a special and romantic atmosphere.

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Moon is the one that dominates the sky and looks like a beautiful lantern. It has four different shapes and this thing generates various intensities of its brightness. Sometimes it is semicircular, other times is spherical. People even believe that its shapes influence their existence or some other things around them such as: their sleep, the way a plant can grow or animals’ behavior.

Liane Yaroslavsky was inspired by the spherical shape of the moon and designed La Luna Table.It is a glass table that includes in its centre the spherical moon that seems to be made of stone.

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This type of table creates the same mysterious atmosphere as the real moon, its “moon” imitate the structure, shape and obscure color of that on the sky.