MYP Single Family Suburban House

Located in Argentina, Buenos Aires, this single family house seems to have a permanent connection with the beautiful surrounding area. It makes you think that you find yourself in a specially designed place, in which the intention of exteriorization of volume and exploitation of  all the posibilities was totally accomplished. It definitely gives the impression of privacy, and what is very interesting is the fact that there is an obvious separation between day activities and night activities.

MYP House

There are many elements which prove the maximum use of the area:  a perfect promenade place, an outer kitchen, a nice yard, a golf course. All these open green spaces, designed for relaxation, are in a sort of succession with the interior elements. The entire view has the best possible sun orientation, the interiors are protected from sun and the natural light is essential for this club house  with granite floors, wood ceilings, brick walls, retractable glass doors, rectangular forms. All these aspects are characterized by complexity, modernity, elegance created by Estudio BaBO on 330 sqm.

MYP House1View in gallery

MYP House2View in gallery

Everything seems to have been created in order to give a monolithic character to the house. The pieces of furniture were carefully chosen and in harmony with the interior. The building itself seems to be a perfect geometric shape, a rectangle which fits perfectly in the page it was drown.