MYDNA Twist Bookcase from Joel Escalona Studio

A bookcase is, by definition, nothing but a structure meant to serve for storing books. Originally, it was not meant to stand out. It had a purely functional design. With time, however, things change. Modern bookcases are more than just structures in which to store books. They are accent pieces, often used as focal points. Some have very interesting and unusual designs and the aesthetics have become as important as the function.

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MYDNA is a modern bookcase with a very interesting design. It’s not very unusual but it definitely stand out from all the other designs. The bookcase was designed by Joel Escalone. He decided to use as inspiration the traditional type of bookcase. He took the rectangular shape and gave it a modern twist. The MYDNA bookcases come in several variants. They all feature delicate lines, curvaceous details and delicate spiral-shaped structures.

The idea behind this collection was to reinvent the traditional design. The new one has a more dynamic look and it maintains a modern appearance. The design is simple but it’s also chic and functional. The designer tried to combine functionality with style. He wanted to make these bookcases stand out with their shape but he also wanted them to accommodate as many books as possible as not to sacrifice function for aesthetics. The bookcases look like twisted towers and they are available in three slightly different variants. You can position them as you wish, depending on the space and type of décor.

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Posted in Design And Concept on November 19, 2008

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