My Mario Rocha Dream House

Mario Rocha House was designed by Carlos Nuno Lacerda and is located in Valongo, Portugal. What makes it so interesting?One aspect would be the fact that it occupies a large area, another one is that the compartments are different in height and the openings give that impression of light and multitude of volumes. The entire space seems to have been built in order to have the posibility of studying light and the succesion of different spaces with different uses.

Mario Rocha House Portugal

There is a permanent concern about the limits between interior and exterior, the kitchen and the spa. The large surfaces are an extension to the outside, providing privacy and also a different perspective over the landscape. The sculpture seems to be the element which has the role to admire and to protect the interior at the same time. There is a general impression of unity and continuity, the shadows on the facade giving everything a certain expression, highlighting the modern design.

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The wooden structure gives the necessary shade and, at the same time, provides a sort of rhythm for the entire facade, whitout affecting the privacy aspect.

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The combination of materials influences that aspect of modernity;  the interior is also contemporary, with simple but essential pieces of furniture, large glass windows which make things even more attractive. The white exterior is also elegant, revealed by the grass which surrounds the area, but also by the trees and plants which seem to have a protecting role.