Musical Notes Iron Wall Decor

Music is not something you can touch, yet it touches your soul. I love music and so do a lot of people whose mood is influenced by the music they listen or they listen to different kinds of music depending on their mood. I know people who are so passionate about music that they want to be surrounded by it. And what better way to do this than choose the right home accessories, especially for their room? This Musical Notes Iron Wall Decor is perfect for a music lover and you will see the passion for music the moment you enter the room. It is the perfect gift for a musician, composer and even singer or just a music fan.

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This beautiful wall decor is entirely made of iron and is black in colour. The stave that supports the musical notes seems to float or melt, just like music. It is a symbol and a metaphor and still a very real thing that can be touched and felt. It is big enough to cover your wall (21″H x 49″W) and is fixed to the wall with the included metal brackets on the back.

It is a great decor item and now it can be purchased for a special Easter price of $79.97.