Music Pillar Candle

There’s more to a beautiful home than simple furniture and some colour on the walls. It’s about the way in which you arrange everything and you combine different objects and styles. It’s about those little details and accessories that make a house HOME. For example if you want to have a romantic date at home, in the living room, for a special occasion or maybe for the upcoming Thanksgiving, you must arrange everything in style. You can use some flower bowls, maybe feng-shui decorations or some nice candles, depending on your personality. I think that candles are great because they provide a gentle and warm light that is perfect for bringing people close together. The Music Pillar Candle is one of my favourites.

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This candle is perfect for those who love music, for musicians or singers, for piano players or for all those who are in some way connected to this field of activity. The candle will burn like a tunnel and leave the outer sheet intact, thus making it glow on the inside and this way allowing the musical notes drawn on it to look amazing. The dreamy look of the candle will be enhanced by the sugar-like finish that will make it look like descended from the video presentations of Christmas candies. It is made of unscented ivory paraffin wax and is covered with paper printed with musical notes. You can purchase it for $16.50 – $29.50.