Mushroom Bird House

Whether you live in the city or in a village you still get to see nature when it is summer because the long sunny days and the nice weather allow you to get outdoors quite a lot. Actually if you have a small house somewhere in the outskirts of a city or on the edge of a town you can see many birds coming and going, chirping happily, looking for some food and water. So if you find these little beings so cute and you feel they deserve to be helped in the city jungle, you certainly would love to have a Mushroom Bird House in your garden, especially for them.

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This bird house is very funny and has a nice design, looking like a mushroom. It is actually a stylized mushroom with black eyes and a mouth that hangs from a braided wire hanger. It has some vents in it for a good aeration and also some holes for drainage. The designer considered the fact that if the bird house will be inhabited you will have to clean it every once in a while, so the top of the mushroom is removable. The item can be bought from Sears for $24.30.