Museum chair by Harry Bertoia

This unusual chair was designed by Harry Bertoia. The chair has a beautiful design, a modern adaptation of the traditional shape. The design is artistic and modern in the same time. It has a steel frame so it’s sturdy and durable, ready to be used for many years to come. It has a comfy upholstered seat. However, none of these elements are the details that make the piece stand out.

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The eye-catching elements would be the webbed steel wire that forms the back structure. It’s an edgy design, but this is what you get from an Italian-born sculptor. Harry Bertoia was also a member of the faculty of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Even though the design of this particular chair seems so different than the thers, it wasn’t a completely original creation. The chair appeared one year after Charles Eames’ wire chair. So the base was set by someone else. This doesn’t mean that anything else that slightly resembles that design is not original.

Steel Upholstered Chair museumView in gallery

Steel Upholstered Chair museum2View in gallery

On the contrary, the ability of making something that already exists seem new is admirable. Both designs use the same materials. However the designs are completely different. So a common concept can result in completely different materializations. Because of its simple yet striking design, this chair could be easily integrated in any modern décor.