Murakami chair by Rochus Jacob

I really want to start this day with Murakami chair by Rochus Jacob.Why? Because it is a unique chair design featuring an advanced nano-dynamo technology built in to the skids of the chair and the newly developed OLED generation with a reading lamp above.The Murakami chair contributes to saving the planet Earth.



It is an eco piece of furniture and you will find it very interesting to find out that you can actually generate energy by simply rocking your chair in the living room. I know it sounds incredible, but think about the little squirrels you saw in the old cartoons that used to run inside a wheel and this way they made energy that was used to light a bulb. Well, the principle is pretty much the same. But this time we are the busy squirrels and we can spend quality time enjoyinmg our reading a book and lighting the nice lamp above the head at the same time. No energy spent, so money spent. Just saved.