Mumbai Luxury and Contemporary Penthouse by Rajiv Saini

We have shown you lately a lot of great designed but from places you would expect a good architectural wonder to appear. Let’s explore a little bit another cultures with their own vision about how a place should look like. India is the second largest population on Earth, at least a couple of good things can come from there.Rajiv Saini has designed in Mumbai an original penthouse and I think we should take a look. Those big wonderful rooms allowed the architect to play with shades, color and texture without spoiling the overall ensemble.

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Wonderful shinny wooden floors collide with the furniture creating the impression of a singular  imposing element. Large white comfortable sofas can be found in his design, wonderfully exposed under an intricate lighting system.  Who would thought that such a diverse range of materials would look that great under the same roof. The first impression you get from this place is of a warm, cozy place. Their strong relationship with nature can be seen throughout the entire house.

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A lot of wood was used in this design, particularly large pieces and panels that could cover an entire wall.  Their tradition and unwritten fundamental lows directs the design on a certain path that for us, Europeans and Americans wouldn’t work. Although it looks really good in its actual shape it does not apply to a very wide range of people, who would probably want more natural light.{found on contemporist}.