Multifunctional woven Cheig Bench

It’s rarely noticed but furniture has gone through its own transformation over the last few decades. These changes have just made your furniture more comfortable, environmentally friendly and easier on your butt!The amazing work of art by the designer Sollo Brasil is truly remarkable. The Multifunctional woven Cheig Bench is a good piece for your living room and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and I personally like the multi-patterned Cheig Bench.

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The designer used her imagination a lot when creating this amazing piece of furniture. First she created the interior, which is a wooden oval shaped core that is supposed to be the hard and solid support for the body weight. Then this wooden support is covered in foam that will ensure the soft part that is so necessary for the comfort of a sofa or in this case bench.

Multifunctional woven cheig bench1

And only in the end does she cover the bench with a very interesting model of woven materials in different colours, materials that can be recycled nylon or plastic, in only one shade or in different shades woven together in a combination of patterns.{found on yankodesign }