The Multifunctional Ted Bed – Comfortable In Any Position

Multifunctional furniture is always a great investment and a wonderful choice, whether you have a tiny home and you need the extra space this type of furniture allows you to save or whether you simply want to be prepared for a variety of situations. The Ted Bed is perfect for either case.

Multifunctional chair ted

Simple, with a minimalist design and great choice of materials, the Ted Bed is not only multifunctional but also light and incredibly comfy. It can be used as a bed, in which case it’s a simple, 850 by 2000 mm upholstered piece of furniture, or it can be used as an armchair.

All in one ted bed

All in one ted bed1

All in one ted bed2

All in one ted bed3

The transformation from bed to armchair is very simple and it only takes the user a few seconds to get it done. This versatile piece of furniture was the creation of Volen Valentinov and it was first shown at The World of Furniture exhibition.

All in one ted bed4

All in one ted bed5

All in one ted bed6

All in one ted bed7

All in one ted bed8

All in one ted bed9

All in one ted bed10

All in one ted bed11

All in one ted bed12

All in one ted bed13

Ted Bed is surprising in more than one way. Besides being versatile and multifunctional, it also features another interesting aspect. It’s made from waste products from the mattresses manufacturing process so creating it is inexpensive and ingenious as well as eco-friendly. Moreover, Ted Bed is made of waterproof materials so it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can use when you want to sit comfortably in front of the TV but also if you want to relax in the garden and enjoy the fresh air.