Multifunctional Light Crate by Clemens Tissi

Multifunctional objects have always proved their practicality and usefulness. These types of objects try to make our life easier and more beautiful.

Light crate by clemens tissi 3 470x470

This is the case of this “Light Crate” designed by Clemens Tissi. It is a multifunctional object which can be used as a table, a table with shelves or a floor lamp.It is a table made of foldable items which we can arrange the way we want so that we get the model which we like and think it fits our room. It offers us the opportunity to change our interior design each time we change the arrangement.

Light crate by clemens tissi 3 470x470

It is a table which can also store books and it has a source of light too. So, it can also be used as a floor lamp.

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It can be a practical object of furniture or we may use it as a decorative item too.