Multifunctional Dino Desk Lamp by Deger Cengiz

Everybody loves cartoons whether he or she is a kid or an adult. Dino is a funny, famous, green dinosaur that every kid loves it. You can see different cartoons or commercials with Dino which use its cute image so that the products become more attractive or funnier.Its vivid color and its joyful face are the most attractive elements.

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Deger Cengiz has also used its shape and designed a funny, multifunctional Dino Desk Lamp.It is a desk lamp which has a multifunctional base container that can be used as a plant pot, a pen holder, a holder for desk items or can store other things that you need for your work at the office.It is made of a recyclable felt and has a flexible neck which can bent in any direction that you need for more or less light.


The bright LED bulb will ensure the amount of light that you need and the lamps will available in different colors like green, grey and red.If you love plants or you want to add more life and color to our desk you can use its base as a plant pot. Thus you will get a living lamp which will inspire you more comfort and relax.