Multifunctional Bedford Project Table Set

A working area becomes more pleasant and more attractive when it gets all the necessary equipment and a beautiful design. Although the work might become boring or hard at a certain moment, a comfortable equipment or piece of furniture with a beautiful design and décor can be the perfect ingredients for an easier and more relaxing job.


This Bedford Project Table Set has these ingredients that can make your office work more comfortable and easier.It is a multifunctional desk, made of a durable and elegant material. It rests on two counter height bookcases that have six removable shelves. These bookcases can also be used on their own. They can be used as spaces for your decorations which might bring color and a distinctive air to your desk or the things that you need for your office work. This way you save space on your desk and you can find what you need easier and faster.

Although it looks classic, its removable shelves and decorations you can use, can transform it into an elegant and modern piece of furniture.It is an office desk perfect for an organized and spacious work space and which will make your working hours more pleasant and more comfortable.Available starting from 1000$.