Multifunctional AH-108 Sofa bed

Nowadays we’re all looking for convertible or multifunctional pieces of furniture. Modularity is a bid advantage and comfort and flexibility come first. We try to make out home a pleasant space where we would feel welcomed and where the guests would feel the same. An example of flexible and multifunctional pieces of furniture is this sofa bed.

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AH-108 is a name that doesn’t really transmit anything. However, it’s the name of a very beautiful sofa. This beautiful piece of furniture has a simple design with a compact look and a modern appearance. It’s upholstered in soft leather and it’s more than just a sofa. In fact, its flexible design allows it to be sued in three different ways.

You can have a sofa that doesn’t really look any different from any other one, except maybe for the fact that it doesn’t have armrests. You can also turn it into a lounge by simply changing the angle at which the back is inclined. Moreover, you can turn it into a comfortable bed. As a sofa, it measures 72″ x 35″ x 34″ and as a sofa bed the dimensions are 72″ x 45″ x 16 “. The piece comes with two matching leather cushions for décor and for extra comfort. I would say this is a very functional piece of furniture for any modern living room. One moment it’s a sofa and the next it’s a bed. The change requires little time and effort. You can purchase this piece for $450.