Multicolor Stacking Mugs or Espresso Cups Sets of 6

My kitchen is full of little things that I need every day or every once in a while. But the cupboard is always the busiest place in the kitchen. There is never enough space for all the cups and mugs I have and I have tried several tricks for saving more space. One of the most useful solutions is to find stackable coffee mugs and plates. If you also have one of these cool metal supports that allows you to take one cup or saucer without disturbing the others it will be perfect.

PCPWM 6011078v300x300

The fact that each mug in the set has a different colour is great, as it chases out monotony and brings a merry look to your kitchen. Actually each set is provided together with its own rack, so you have the option to store them in the cupboard or even in plain sight on the counter. The cups are made of ceramics, which is perfectly safe for the dishwasher and microwave oven. I saved the best for last so here is the price of the set: $12.99.