Multi – purpose chair from Marco Hammerling

Here’s a chair that is four times more comfortable that the usual standard chair. Or, at least in theory it is. The TriWing chair, created by the designer Marco Hammerling, incorporates four different sitting positions in only one structure. All of this is possible by simply flipping the chair along the longitudinal axis. In this way, this very original piece of furniture changes its posture and unfolds its multiple options.

Triwing 130111 01 630x423

The continuous shape allows it to be used as a dining – chair, lounge – chair, reading – chair or even deck – chair. This thing is the shapeshifter of the chairs. Also because of its double – curved shape, the chair gains the necessary stability to support the user. Not only that, but it also has the ability to slightly adapt in shape and to absorb the impact of the forces when someone decides to use it. Don’t be fooled by its simple aspect. This chair will surprise you.