Multi-level private dwelling for a couple in Kyoto, Japan

Every morning the sunrise brings us the warm and bright sunlight which can make us feel more dynamic nd full of life and optimism. It is so nice to feel on your face the warm rays of the sun which seem to play on your face and wake you up.Sometimes a direct a exposure to the strong and bright light of the sun may be exhausting too. There people who prefer a softer light in their house so that they can feel more relaxed and enjoy more privacy.

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It is also the case of a building called “House in Tendai” designed by Shogo Aratani Architect & Associates. The building represents a multi-level private house for a couple and is located in Kyoto, Japan.

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The intention of the architects was to create a place designed to limit the direct sunlight into the house. This was also the clients’ request which they tried to fulfill. They thought of some ways to illuminate the interior with a soft light so that the slit-like void spaces within the larger volumes of the house seemed a perfect option.

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For the exterior design of the house the images of classic windows are totally absent. It looks like a place which hides something or tries to protect you from the exterior environment.

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The main level of this house accommodates the living room, dining room and kitchen area while the bedroom and washroom are located on an upper level box-like loft forms.House in Tendai is the expression of simplicity and privacy. The furniture is reduced to minimum and the main nuances are represented by the contrastive white walls and the natural wood used for the floors or ceilings.{found on designboom}.