MU-Lounge Chair by Toan Nguyen

What can be more relaxing than spending some peaceful moments in the garden or resting in a comfortable chair in the living room after some work? Sometimes these free moments of relaxation can do miracles for our body and recharge our battery so that we can resist the rest of the day. It does not matter if they are just a few moments, the important thing is to relax our body, free ourselves of the tension and exhaustion and get some new fresh forces. It is an advice that we all should follow so that we feel better for the rest of the day and take care of our body more.

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MU-Lounge Chair is a fantastic modular furniture system which is very comfortable and can make these relaxing moments become more pleasant. It is designed by the famous Parisian designer, Toan Nguyen and presents all sorts of advantages.

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MU fits any space, can adapt easily to any kind of area whether we refer to indoor or outdoor spaces. It is a piece of furniture which combines the quality of materials used for an outdoor space with the comfort offered by its appearance of a sofa. The white lipari nuance of the chair and its white cushions remind us of those lovely summer outdoor decors where this type of furniture is used and create an elegant and modern space anywhere it is used. Another advantage is that it is available in different sizes and performs various functions.

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MU is a perfect lounge chair for any kind of gathering, can be used as an outdoor piece of furniture or a comfortable and modern item for a contemporary living room.