Most Expensive Versace Star Trek Armchair

For those who read my posts and had already formed an opinion and an idea about what I am and what I like you probably know that this is entirely my thing. I simply love this armchair! It is called the Star Trek Armchair and it is made by Versace. Why Star Trek? Look at it a little bit closer and you will see that this chair resembles the ones on the famous Starship Enterprise in which the commanders stood and steered the ship through space.

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It is useless to talk about comfort because a chair like this was build only for comfort; the fact that the leather armchair looks good and has an interesting, but predictable design is not left by change either. For me this is the perfect symbiosis between style and comfort. This is what I want for my living room. This is what I want for my special place, where I can relax in a very fashionably way.

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As you probably already noticed this armchair comes with a matching pouffe, both with a smooth rotating base.  How I would want to feel that luxury quilted Versace black leather and detail. A very successful product I would like to add, and I’m not saying that because it’s Versace, but because somehow they manage to find the best materials in combine them in the best products. All I want now, is to rub my leather jacket against it and hear the squeak that drives me crazy.And also it’s available for a crazy price!