Most Expensive Home Theaters

A home theater is a great way to relax and having fun. If there’s an area in your basement that doesn’t get much natural light, you should think on it. Even if you want to design a home theater for a room with windows, you can simply use heavy drapes or black out shades.Anyway,if you won at loterry you can think on a expensive home theater room! Enjoy the top most expensive home theaters !

6 Million Dollars Home Theater.

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This home theater room is owner by owned by Jeremy Kipnis, a music engineer/producer.The system have around 39 separate speaker units and 36 amplifiers.

Star Trek Home Theater Theme

3m star trek theater1

The Star Trek Home Theater Room cost around 3 million dollars, won many top Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) design awards and was designed by Electronic Systems Consultants.

Death Star Home Theater Theme

Theater 5907

This home theater was designed by Doug Chiang, the lead designer on Episodes I and II.Power up your own home theater system with home theater speakers.

Stargate Atlantis Home Theater Theme

500x stargate1 01

This home theater room was developed by Jacob Yarmuth and the cost was situated at 70k$.It boasts a couple of Sony megachangers that can attach 800 DVDs, a 10 foot diagonal circuit screen (that shows a 96 inch diagonal image), Atlantic’s THX series speakers (7 channel surround sound), a couple of Polk Audio IW155 in-wall subwoofers and a JVC RS-1 D-ILA light amplifier for HD imagery.

Parisian Home Theater Theme

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The designer used the 24k gold finish also the fabrics and carpet are hand-screened and hand-embroidered, and all of the sconces were cast from original antiques.

Another Star Trek Home Theater

Star Trek Home Theatre 1

Trekkie Gary Reighn spend almost 2  years to planning and build this incredible star trek home theater wich cost around 15k$ .The home theater include a  Star Dock and 40GB PlayStation 3.