Mosaic Glass Deep Round Platter from Target

Ceramic has been used for millenia and most times it has been used for manufacturing bowls or plates that were used for serving food. These were the ancestors of modern porcelain dishes, but they were not at all transparent and a lot more rough. However, since then people have turned these objects into decorative objects. So you no longer have dinner from ceramic bowls and dishes, but you put them on the walls and use them to bring a special touch to your dining room or even kitchen. This Mosaic Glass Deep Round Platter from Target is the perfect example.

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This special looking platter is made of ceramics but it is decorated on the interior with red glass mosaic tiles. They looks great against the black of the ceramics and remind you of the old ways of decorating your home – ever since the Roman times. You can use this platter for display on the shelves in your living room or even as a bowl for the fruits you prepare for your visitors. You can show it or simply place it on the side or coffee table and it will instantly change the whole design of a room. It is simple and nice, and the combination of strong colours certainly draws attention. You can have it now from Target for about $34.99.