Morphing Cabinet

We discussed earlier about storage space and how can we increase the storage possibilities on the same ground surface. Using every inch from our house in an intelligent way could solve that problem; on the other hand clever furniture offers the same thing but more simple and easy. This is the case of this growing cabinet. Designed by Yi-Cong Lu this cabinet expands offering extra room for storage.  Don’t jump to conclusions yet because the idea behind this cabinet is simple but very ingenious.

Growing cabinet compactView in gallery

At first sight this looks like a normal cabinet with normal shelves but in fact that apparently normal shelves are in fact drawers and by pulling them towards exterior the space inside is liberated and you get extra storage space.  To make the thing secure and steady the designer made two large drawers and two sets of smaller drawers. Each one can be pulled in one side or the other.  You can pull all the drawers, one or two in any way you like them, accordingly to your need for extra space.

Growing cabinet pullingView in gallery

This object interacts with its user changing its shape and size; all that without any use of electronics or other hi tech gadgets. This is a simple piece of furniture made out of plywood and MDF.  I think that items like that will sell more and more in the next future because young people usually don’t think very much about what’s ahead and they live a pretty unpredictable life, due to these circumstances you never know when you will  need extra storage space.