Moroso Fauteuil Juju Chair

The first words that come into my mind after seeing this piece of furniture are “comfortable” and “soft”. These are the words that best describe this beautiful chair. Designed for Italian manufacturer Moroso, Fauteuil Juju is a simple piece of furniture. It has a design that focuses on being user-friendly, comfortable and cozy but without neglecting the shape and overall style.

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Fauteuil Juju has a very friendly design. This makes it both attractive and versatile. It’s a piece that would look nice in a bedroom where it would complement the room quite nicely thanks to its soft look and rounded shape. It’s also a piece that would be perfect for the kids’ room. It has rounded corners and a child-safe design. The base is soft and padded and the backrest shares the same characteristics. Also, the colors chosen for this piece of furniture are pleasant and beautiful as well. The combination of beige and pink is subtle and the pale, pastel shades further let us know that this is a chair that impresses with its comfortable structure and design.

The chair is small and chic. You could easily include it in a children’s bedroom design or, even better, in a nursery room where the colors are usually also soft and pale. As we’ve already mentioned, it would make a very nice addition to a bedroom where it would integrate perfectly into the cozy and warm atmosphere. Of course, the versatility of this piece of furniture doesn’t stop here and, given the right type of décor, you could use it a home office, living room or any other space.