Moroccan Inspired Decor

If you want to bring a new flavour to your home then colourful Moroccan interiors can definitely provide the spice and vibrancy you are looking for. The country has a diverse history and this is aptly represented by the diverse traditional decor. This is not a style for the light-hearted. It is bold, colourful, extravagant, lavish, rich, exciting and exotic all wrapped up in one. Let’s discover how to emulate this trend perfectly in your home…

Morocan style

Grand Archways.

Moroccan porch

If you truly want to make a noticeable different and give this trend the five star treatment it deserves then dramatic, grand and simply beautiful archways are the way to go. There is no denying how lavish and extravagant this looks. People will feel as if they are walking into a Moroccan style palace rather than a home.

Plush Upholstered Furniture.

Floor pillows

Whilst Moroccan inspired decor may be extravagant, lavish and rich it is still very much comfortable, relaxing and plush too. When buying sitting furniture you need to opt for upholstered pieces that look extremely comfortable and feel even more so.


Moroccan lanterns

This article simply would not be right without mentioning Moroccan style lanterns. When emulating this trend we recommend opting for brass lanterns because brass is a huge trend in 2013.


Moroccan backsplash tiles

There is no denying how beautiful and eye-catching the tiles in the picture above look. This is a great and unusual way of incorporating the Moroccan feel into your home. Geometric patterns are extremely popular at the moment and a lot of Moroccan inspired tiles include this theme as well. Thus going down this route is a perfect way to maximise your style potential.

Bold Colours.

Living room moroccan style

Moroccan interior design is all about colour, colour and more colour. Don’t hold back. This is an interior style for the vibrant, lively and energetic. From beautiful blues to exotic oranges; the options are vast.


Moroccan backyard

If you truly want to emulate the Moroccan feel then privacy is imperative. Most traditional Moroccan homes have a courtyard rather than a front or back yard. It provides the home owner with a greater level of peace. Nonetheless, you definitely don’t have to be discrete in terms of style. Colourful cushions and a outdoor water fountain is the ideal way to finish off this trend.


700 marrakesh by deisgn maryam montague 3

A lot of people don’t actually realise it but Morocco is credited with having produced some of the most beautiful and unique rugs. A colourful and unusual rug can definitely add the perfect finishing touch to your new interior decor.

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