More Than A Simple Bike Rack – 8 Multifunctional Designs

Finding an indoor bike rack that provides you with a safe and practical way to store your bike without taking up a lot of space is not as easy as it may seem. However, this doesn’t make the task impossible. These ingenious racks and hangers do all that and even more, featuring multifunctional designs that allow them to double as bookshelves, benches, side tables and all sorts of other things. They’re more than just simple bike racks.

The cthulhu bike hangerbook shelfView in gallery

The Cthulhu rack lets you combine two of your favorite activities: reading and biking. It’s made of Baltic birch plywood and has a clear polyurethane finish. It’s strong enough to hold two bikes and it incorporates a compact bookshelf for your favorite reading materials.

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This one has an even more compact design. It can only hold one bike and it incorporates a small open shelf for storing and displaying items such as books, keys and other personal belongings. It’s a bike rack that would suit a lot of entryways.Available on Etsy.

Board By Design The BikeView in gallery

The Bike All is available in two natural woods and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. Although it doesn’t take the bike completely off the ground, it’s a viable storage solution for small spaces. The shelf has two hooks for hanging bags, hats and other accessories.

Pedal podView in gallery

Bike racks with built-in storage are become increasingly popular, especially in small spaces. The Pedal Pod is a stylish example. It was designed to serve as a sturdy bike rack but, at the same time, it doubles as a storage unit with cubbies and shelves of various shapes and sizes.

Commuter bike rackView in gallery

In the case of the Commuter bike rack, the bicycle is stored vertically and, in a way, this allows it to take less space. The rack has a simple construction with two solid shelves and a surface which could serve as a seat or a space for displaying or storing larger items.

Bookbike indoor storageView in gallery

The Bookbike also has a vertical design. The bike is stored on one side while the other incorporates a series of shelves for storing shoes, books or sports equipment. The combination is practical, ingenious and perfect for tiny apartments.

Shoes Books and a BikeView in gallery

The Shoes, Books and a Bike stand pretty much says it all with its name. The bike is stored on a platform while the space underneath is divided into three shelf compartments for storing shoes or books. The area above can also be used for storage.

Bike Shelf by VadoliberoView in gallery

Similarly, the Bike Shelf displays the bicycle like a throphy on a stylish platform. It has a modular structure and a universal stainless steel hook that can accommodate every size of wheel and handlebars. It also features an undulating clothes rack for jackets and several containers for the shoes on the lower section.