More Than A Bedroom – Designs That Change Your Perspective

Bedrooms are rarely what their name suggests, in the sense that there’s nothing else in there that contradicts with the primary function of the room. This is especially true in the case of some contemporary designs that put the master bedroom and bathroom in the same room and even find way to link the main features in these spaces, forming new combined structures. Let’s take a look at a few examples where the bedroom goes beyond its primary status.

Bathroom behind headboardView in gallery

Pure, white and simple, this contemporary bedroom has eliminated the wall separating it from its en-suite bathroom. This way, the structure that acts as a headboard, also containing the nightstands, is also a structure that plays an important role in the bathroom’s design and layout.

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A similar type of design can be seen here where a concrete divider serves as a bed’s headboard while also hiding the tub and even including some built-in storage space for shampoos and other bathroom necessities.

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Bedroom and bathroom comboView in gallery

Eliminating the barriers between the sleeping area and the bathroom is quite common in modern interior design where you can sometimes see designs like this. The bathroom area is a sort of relaxing zen spot and even though there’s no wall between these zones, the differences in flooring, materials and colors is enough to give them each their own character.{found on 2bua}.

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Bed attached to bathtubView in gallery

Other times, the distinction between these spaces is not so obvious. For example, this room has a bed that’s connected to a tub and two sinks and the whole structure is compact and really interesting-looking. In a way, the combination seems natural when there’s a design like this one to back it up.{found on metaform}.

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But the bed and tub or bedroom and bathroom combinations are not the only ones to take into consideration. Another common mix is between a bed and a desk. In this case, the design is really intriguing. The bed sits on a raised platform and extends into a desk. This brings the sleeping area at window level.

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A less striking way to combine these two functions is by having a headboard that molds into a desk. The design is simple and ingenious. You can’t see anything work-related while relaxing in bed and you can also get to save some space.{found on Wespi de Meuron}.

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This is a similar approach but with a different kind of desk. It’s an interesting combination of modern and traditional elements. Such a design could be very practical in the case of those homes that have a room which can serve both as a home office and a guest bedroom.

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Because this extension is closer to a dining table rather than a desk, such a design becomes very flexible and versatile. It could be ideal for tiny homes with an open floor plan containing all the rooms or for modern bedrooms with an unconventional twist.{found on erikgriffioen}.